An epic tale of dice rolling and card drawing takes you on a quest throughout the land to rescue Princesses, slay Dragons and recover lost artefacts. Play through over 50 quests using the Talisman board game rules, and learn the special abilities of all of the characters. <br />
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It's important to note that this is NOT a multiplayer game based on Talisman, this is a reworking of the rule-set to allow solo players to experience Talisman in a different way. <br />
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Features<br />
<br />
10 Characters<br />
50 Quests<br />
Endless Re-playability<br />
Includes 6 bonus characters - Leprechaun, Amazon, Minotaur, Vampire Hunter and Sage<br />
The multi-player game, Talisman Digital Edition, is available separately on Steam<br />
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